Additional Allergy Research Studies Being Conducted by the ITN

LEAP-ON – Persistence of Oral Tolerance to Peanut

This is a follow-on study to the ITN's LEAP trial to evaluate the persistence of tolerance to peanut, and whether continued consumption of peanuts is required in order to be able to safely eat peanuts.

IMPACT – Oral Immunotherapy for Induction of Tolerance and Desensitization in Peanut-Allergic Children

IMPACT is a clinical research study testing whether daily oral exposure to a peanut product can modify peanut allergy in young children.

GRASS – Long-Term Effects of Sublingual Grass Therapy

This study is testing the effectiveness of two commercially available tolerance-increasing treatments for hay fever to induce long-term tolerance.

CAT EEC – Cat Pilot Study - Environmental Exposure Chamber (EEC) vs. Nasal Allergen Challenge (NAC)

The goal of this study is to compare allergic responses to cat by environmental exposure chamber vs. nasal allergen challenge to better understand and employ these methods as allergy evaluation tools in clinical trials.

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